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Welcome to the Calorie Control Council's Enhanced Calorie Calculator. Search through our database for the foods you've eaten throughout the day. When one of the available food items appears you will be asked to select the number of servings. Be sure to enter a whole number in this box, not an "X", check mark or fraction. Once you have selected the number of servings press the "submit button" and the selected items will be added to your list. The calculator will let you continue to add items, delete items, and change the number of servings. If your portions were larger than the given serving size on a particular food item, increase the number of servings (e.g., if you ate 1 cup of broccoli and the serving size is listed as one half cup, choose 2 servings). A running total of calories will appear below your list as each food item is added. [To find out more about how many calories is recommended based on your body mass index, visit the BMI Calculator.]You may return to the Calorie Control home page at any time by clicking on "Exit Calculator".

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