The Enhanced Calorie Calculator

Calories Count when it comes to weight loss.

Use the Calorie Control Council's Enhanced Calorie Calculator

The Enhanced Calorie Calculator available here allows you to count calories by specifying your food type by keyword. The calorie calculator (and fat gram calculator) provide you with the fat grams and calories associated with the keyword. Insert a food item and see what options are shown. Select those items in your diet. You can search through our database for the foods you've eaten throughout the day. The specify the number of servings, in whole numbers. As you add foods, the running total of calories is displayed a the bottom of the page. (If you had larger portions, don't forget to increase the number of servings!)

Keep track with a sample online Food Diary

While you are at it, keep track of what you eat throughout the day with an online Food Diary. Studies have shown that those keeping records are more apt to meet their goals. So it's important to write down all of your meals and activity -- while you are counting calories. A food diary makes you solely responsible for the foods you eat throughout the day. By recording your food intake per the time of day, plus the calories and fat consumed in the food, you can discover where you may be off track with excess calories. Is midnight the time you raid the refrigerator? Do you have an afternoon snack attack?) Take a look at this sample food diary. Are there low fat foods that you need to incorporate in your diet? Are there reduced-calorie counterparts that should be replacing the full fat versions? How did you feel during specific times of day? You might discover a pattern of eating that is more emotionally-based that you might think!

Make it relevant for you with a Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Your calorie needs are tied to your height, weight and age. Our Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator helps you determine what's the best calorie intake to maintain your current weight or to lose weight. Find access to it on the Food Diary page. your calorie needs can differ.

Drink plenty of water and exercise

Most dietitians recommend at least 8 cups per day to 12 cups per day. Are you exercising? Make note what time of day you take your jog, hit the treadmill or do your sit ups.

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